Breeding your wife is something I’m destined to do.  When you first called me, you gave over your soul and agreed to let me have my way with your significant other.  You knew the risks of getting involved with me, but you didn’t care.

You needed to feel my shecock in your mouth throbbing to release down your throat.  I know all about your freaky bi sexual desires.  But your wife she doesn’t know, well… she does now.

Since you tried ignoring our little agreement, I decided to give her a call and tell her about our phone sex trysts.  She begged me not to tell anyone else, and I agreed not to for a price.

Breeding your wife has always been the end goal for me, so I told her exactly what I needed and she agreed!  Now we’ll be meeting up soon so I can finally insert the thickest cock your wife will ever receive into her vagina.

For Valentine’s Day, I’m offering 15% off all phone sex calls and texting sessions.  You must purchase online.  Use code virgin15off at checkout.

I’ve created a couple phone sex audios that I’ll be adding to my profile soon.  I also have a secret diary that I’ll be adding content to.  Access to my secret diary costs $10/month.  I’m not adding content to it until later this week so I’ll make another announcement when it’s ready and include my personal link.

Until then

You know what I want.


800-524-4132 ext 804

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