Chicks with dicks might be the one thing you’re missing from phone sex.  You simply don’t feel fulfilled with what you’ve been getting so far and know that there’s something more you could be receiving.

It’s not hard to tell that chicks with dicks get you off and you can’t wait until your lips are wrapped around another cock.  I want to look at you on your knees while you worship my dick.  Those eyes of yours bulging out of your face while you gag on my flesh, excites me in more ways than one.

I like slutty men who know their way around a cock without needing a lot of guidance, but I’m more than happy to train your mouth to my liking.  There’s no reason that we both can’t get what we want out of this experience.

I know how much you want to expose yourself to me.  You’ve been wanting a dominant dick in your mouth for a while, but haven’t searched for your fix until now.

Craving chicks with dicks phone sex?

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