One of my subs recently went through a forced sissy transformation since he forced my hand.  He wasn’t taking his cock sucking lessons seriously, so I forced him into being a sissy.  Now every night he finds new cock to suck by posting ads on the internet and meeting men on dating apps.  He has a girlfriend, but she doesn’t know about his dirty little secret.  He’s been very filthy lately with his sexual interactions with these men.  He’s been going to homeless encampments and servicing the less fortunate.  He said that they deserve to receive pleasure too so he thinks of it as charity.  I find his efforts rather interesting and amusing at the same time.  One time he was orally raped by a man who snuck up on him in an alley.

The areas he usually visits are dangerous but he doesn’t care since he knows he’s doing God’s will.  My will.  Now he’s realized that he’s totally mind fucked and isn’t going anywhere.  He can’t make decisions without my input at this point.  My forced sissy transformation class has done him well.  Are you feeling in between and stuck?  Are you considering going all the way with your shemale cock sucking fantasies?

I’m offering training to men who want to be transformed.  Many of you are currently at a crossroads and unsure of how to proceed.  Pussy no longer turns you on.  You need shecock.  You need someone like me showing you down the path that’s meant for you.  My shecock has forced you into submission and now you can’t fathom being without me.  I know it’s hard accepting that you’re no longer a real man.

I’m going to turn you into a sissy freak that can’t stop serving random cock at gloryholes.


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