I like orgasm control because of the sound in a man’s voice when he knows he’s been caught up.  There’s no escape when I get my hands on you and make you grovel to your knees and beg for mercy.  You want to be dominated by shemale bbc so here I am.

I’m always available to make curious men feel my dominance.  Every one of your desires can come true if you follow my lead and give up control.  With orgasm control I control all of your desires.  You want to cum?  Beg me.  Show me you’re worthy or you’ll continue to fall short.

Today your task is to call me or text me so you can finally speak to me in the setting of my desire.  I want to hear how your voice tremble when you feel defeated.  I want to feel just how much you want me.

Call me at 800-524-4132 ext 806

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